AAS offers a variety of agricultural products and frozen seafood for exportation. Our main frozen seafood exportations are tongue sole, merou fish, cymbium, cuttlefish, octopus and more. The agricultural products we mainly export are dark and light red hibiscus flowers, sesame seeds, arabic gum, red pepper, tobacco leaves, cola nuts and more.
AAS also imports and distributes veterinary drugs and equipments as an exclusive agent

    Hibiscus grows around west african countries of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso amongst others. The swollen red calyces of this region sabdariffa type are dried and brewed into teas, and are also used in the processing of juices, jellies, jams, ice cream and flavors. The product has many common names including Jamaican sorrel, roselle, cabitutu, vinuela, oseille de guinea, karkade or Flor de Jaimaca in Spanish speaking countries of the Americas. To export hibiscus over long distances, preserving it highest quality is crucial. Our highly professional Staff seriously focuses on the drying and bagging and packing methods. Strict laboratory analyses and follow-up methodology determine the optimal preservation standards.
    Sesame seeds come from an annual herb, sesamum indicum, which grows well in hot climates. Some five years ago our company successfully introduced sesame seed in midland senegal's agricuture, collaborating with more than three hundred farmers. We have developed highest quality whittish and brown varieties exported to Europe. Teams of experts inspecting sesame (left), discussing with farmers to teach them how we want our product to be grown and cropped in order to ensure that the sesame seeds match highest international quality requirements and be top-graded in the world market.
    Karité (as it is best known in many West African countries) is obtained from a tree that grows in Africa. In Europe it is known as shea butter, galam or bambrite. Shea butter contains high foaming and nourishing agents wich are fundamental substances for improving the skin's health and appearance. AAS' main clients are Northern American Cosmetic industries.
    Gum arabic, or acacia gum, is the resin exuded by Acacia Senegal trees. Africa Agro Service settled its bases in the Ferlo the once most gum-prolific area in the whole West African region. We contribute to redevelopping an economic activity which for very many years has provided work and revenue to rural populations.

 The cashew tree is evergreen. It grows up to 12 metres high and has a spread of 25 metres. Cashew nut shell liquid is an important raw material for resin manifacture. Our operations in Casamance (southern Senegal) mainly cover this item. Proximity with Guinea Bissau also makes it possible to source this product from there. AAS also has representatives in Northen Ivory coast, Mali and Burkina.